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Tolerating Turnovers | 3 v 3 | Finishing Drill | D1 Jobs |

Tolerating Turnovers | 3 v 3 | Finishing Drill | D1 Jobs |
By Hoop Coach • Issue #271 • View online
Good Morning, Coach! Here is your HC Media Timeout for August 3rd, 2022. Hope you find something you can use.

Words of Wisdom
We are not going to play them; they are going to play us.“ - Hank Iba
What Turnovers Can You Tolerate? - Hoop Coach
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Pressure Defense Relief Quick Hitter - Hoop Coach
Steve Dagostino
Why 3x3 is the best way to develop….

✅ 1 on 1 D and O Reads
✅ 2 Man game with and without ball
✅ Driving decision making, off ball movement
✅ Allows players to mess up and find new solution

Want to work on Driving/Finishing/Shooting/Passing/Defense? PLAY 3x3!!!
Open Coaching Jobs
Jobs - Hoop Coach
Tweets We Liked
Prof. Feynman
"Education isn't something you can finish."

-- Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)
Julius V.
How do some parents have the audacity & confidence to talk basketball with a BASKETBALL COACH? It’s unreal to me. I couldn’t imagine pretending to be an expert in golf with actual golf coaches. Maybe I could fake it with people not in the golf world, but not with an actual coach.
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