Sharing the Ball | Ball Screen + Backdoor | Shooting Drill | Bench Roles





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Sharing the Ball | Ball Screen + Backdoor | Shooting Drill | Bench Roles
By Hoop Coach • Issue #338 • View online
Good Morning, Coach! Here is your HC Media Timeout for Monday, November, 14th, 2022. Hope you find something you like.

Words of Wisdom
“Failure is good. It’s fertilizer. Everything I’ve learned about coaching, I’ve learned from making mistakes” – Rick Pitino
Refusing A Bench Role Ended Allen Iverson’s Career. Can Accepting One Save Russell Westbrook’s? | FiveThirtyEight
Clock Management: To What Extent Are You Prepared For the Endgame? - Hoop Coach
Ball Screen and Back Door Play - Hoop Coach
Hardwood Texas
“Celtic 1”

From the 5 perimeter spots, make one shot and advance to the next spot

Goal: 15 makes in 2:00

By coach David Piehler
Basketball Reaction Drills - Hoop Coach
Tweets We Liked
Hoops Companion 🏀 Resources for Coaches
🏀 SATURDAY HOOPS THREAD 🏀 - Ways to Get Your Team to Share the Ball

A few ideas on how to encourage your team to:
- throw more "one-more" passes
- keep the defense moving when you have an advantage
- share the ball
- make the extra pass
- trade good shots for great ones
Jay Wright
Today we wish a happy birthday to Coach Massimino . His legacy within Villanova b-ball will live on forever - we love and miss Coach Mass everyday !
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