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Recruiting 9U Players | Reactive Agility Drill | NBA Hammer Sets | Open Jobs

Recruiting 9U Players | Reactive Agility Drill | NBA Hammer Sets | Open Jobs
By Hoop Coach • Issue #272 • View online
Good Morning, Coach! Here is your HC Media Timeout for Thursday, August 4th 2022. Hope you find something you can use.
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Words of Wisdom
“Push yourself to keep improving or you’ll stay as close to the bottom as you are to the top” – John Wooden
Is the Whole Truly Greater Than the Sum of the Parts? - Hoop Coach
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Arizona Man Set - Hoop Coach
Tucker & Thorson Basketball
NBA Hammer Setups

Getting a drive downhill to the baseline is key for Hammer actions... A variety different setups here
Joe Aratari
Simple drill for reactive agility-

✅Offensive person turns and races to a cone either to their R/L.

✅Defensive person tries to tag them prior.

✅No unrealistic tippy tappy footwork. Quick feint then accelerate and race!
Open Coaching Jobs
Jobs - Hoop Coach
Tweets We Liked
Todd Wolfson
A college recruiter isn’t….

• Going to call your 9u coach looking for players

• Going to want to know how many championships you won while you were 11 years old

• Wanting film or a mixtape of you as a 10 year old

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