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"Indiana" Fast Break Drill | "Little-Big" Screens | Zone O | Open Jobs

"Indiana" Fast Break Drill | "Little-Big" Screens | Zone O | Open Jobs
By Hoop Coach • Issue #276 • View online
Good Morning, Coach! Here is your HC Media Timeout for August 12th, 2022. Hope you find something you like.

Words of Wisdom
“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” ―Steve Martin
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Fran Fraschilla
Coaches. A beautiful set out of the German BBL. Three consecutive “big-little” and “little-big” screens where, counting slip screens, all four on floor can score. It happens fast so watch it a couple of times.
Luka Bassin
There are reasons that "INDIANA" fastbreak drill is alive for so many years:
Competitive game speed drill ✅
Spacing & Timing ✅
Simplicity ✅
Communication ✅
Goal: 2 minutes = 25 made lay ups
Complete "Fastbreak Clinic" at @thecoachtube
Open Coaching Jobs
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