Improving Lateral Quickness | U9 "Elite" Camps | Zipper PnR Action | Shell Drill





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Improving Lateral Quickness | U9 "Elite" Camps | Zipper PnR Action | Shell Drill
By Hoop Coach • Issue #291 • View online
Good Morning, Coach! Here is your HC Media Timeout for Tuesday, September 27th 2022. Hope you find something you like.

Words of Wisdom
“The greatest sin a coach can commit is to allow kids to slide by. This goes for the classroom as well as the court” – Hubie Brown
Shell Drill for Basketball Practice: Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points III - Articles - Hoop Coach
Spurs - PnR with Double Pin Down - Hoop Coach
Connor Harr
Great set here from the Brisbane Bullets. Nice wrinkle to a zipper P&R starting with a chin entry.

Screener slips to pop with handler already creating his advantage off the downscreen.

Middle & Short Side pops with a stretch big are always a great way to attack a drop or hedge
Dominick Walker
How do we improve “lateral quickness?”

It’s a multifaceted approach. In the weight room we attack…
Kinematics - limb velocity
Kinetics - ground reaction forces

Combined with game reps, which is more important, this has allowed our guys to move better.
Tweets We Liked
Todd Wolfson
Your 9 year old doesn’t need to play in a “elite camp” to gain exposure. He/she needs to do their homework, have fun with their friends, work on getting better at their sport but not forget to be a kid.
Greg Kampe
Walking into opening day of practice for the 39th time at Oakland. Never gets old. Made me think of all the players and great staff I’ve been blessed to have cross through my life. I’ve been very very lucky.
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