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Champions vs Almost Champions | 2 Stagger Screen Set | Duke Shooting | Open Jobs

Champions vs Almost Champions | 2 Stagger Screen Set | Duke Shooting | Open Jobs
By Hoop Coach • Issue #50 • View online
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Words of Wisdom
“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react.” -John Maxwell
What Separates Champions from ‘Almost Champions’?
Man Set with 2 Stagger Screens | Hoop Coach
Chris Oliver
Need a 3 from a sideline inbound?
Check out this after entry stagger handoff that works.
Duke University Competitive Shooting Drills | Hoop Coach
Pure Sweat
[email protected]DrewHanlen shares progression reads when using a ball screen and trying to make a pass to your screener.

Open Coaching Jobs
Tweets We Liked
Jon Beck
Players: Summer ‘21

-Have a plan
-2 moves & counters & rep them like crazy
-Make 250 shots you get in games at game speed
-Make a ton of exhausted free throws
-Get in the weight room

Big difference between being simply interested in improving & completely committed to improving
Jamal Murray wasn't happy with the call 😅
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