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Quantity of Offense | Training Session Video | "Walling Up" | Arizona Set

“Don’t ever have a rule that you won’t enforce with your best player” – Doug Collins


Players: Get On The Court More | Individual Shooting Routine | Baseline Play

Pick and Roll with a Pin Down Set


Players: Get More Playing Time | Skills Workout | Snap Screen Play |

Productive Habits


Steph Curry Shooting Series | 5 Basketball Life Lessons | Slip or Skip Play

"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say." -Bryant H. McGill


Under Practiced Aspects | Speed, Agility and Explosiveness Drills | Zone Quick Hit

Evaluating Your Opponent's Defense


Initiating Your Offense | Cutting For Your Teammates | Grenade - Sideout Play

Bob Knight "No Dribble" Drill, Notes of an Elder


Pin Down Reverse Elevator | Player Defensive Value | Zig Zag Defense Drill

Your mark is what you do on a day when you don’t want to do it. How good are you on a day when you just don’t have it? Can you push yourself that day? That’s a mark of your character. – Bob Hurley, Sr.


Attacking the Basket | "Splitter" Set | Coaching a Bad Team

Player Fatigue


Posting Up + Backing Down | Athletic Attitudes | Baseline Set

Trapping and Pressure Passing Drill


Floater Workout | Dribble Entry Quick Hitter | Competition Defense Drill

Player Go To Moves


System For Tryouts | Indvidual Workout | PnR Quick Hit

Becoming Us


Non-Traditional Stats | Ball Handling Routine | VMI Baseline Play

Bill Russell on Blocking Shots


The Way Teams Score | Trailing Ball Screens to Hi-Lo | Wichita Shooting Drill

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Sneaky OB Play | Drills + Decision Making | Excellence via Diet | Agility Drills

Under-rated Player Attributes, 3/4 Court Play


Texas Tech Set | Scouting Checklist | Conditioning Lay-Ups

Leading and Listening


10 Spot Shooting Drill | Playing Rotations | Spread + Pick & Roll

2 v. 2 Decision Making Drill


2 on 1 Transition Drill | Dummy Ball Screen Play | Rough First Game

Great Ball Movement


Stopping Practice to Teach | Michigan Stagger Screen Set | Help & Recover Drill

Basketball Special Units, Kelsey Plum


Practice Plan Templates | Weave to Post | Perfect Passing

Mixing Starter and Subs at Practice


IU Strength Training Video | Defensive Expectations | Gate to Ball Screen

Fair Athlete Evaluations